Stone Fireplaces

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Marble Fireplace Mantels and Cast Stone Fireplaces

Marble Fireplaces Mantels

Natural Stone is stone that comes straight from the quarry and is then cut and hand-carved to a particular design.

-Very fine details
-Cut stone

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Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Cast stone is a man-made or a manufactured stone. Small aggregates of natural stone that are cast into molds. Cast stone could be made to resemble several different stones such as, but not limited to, limestone and travertine.

-Cast stone looks and feels natural
-Cast stone could be made light weight
-Cast stone has a variety of textures and colors
-Cast stone usually has a quick lead time

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Overmantel Fireplaces Marble Cast Stone

The over-mantels is the part of the fireplace that is above the mantel shelf. This is sometimes referred to as a double fireplace. Over-mantels come is both cast stone and natural stone.
-Cast Stone

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